Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Walker Ranch Loop Run

On Sunday I grabbed some lunch in Golden and headed out for a run in the hills. I figured I could walk if my lunch required it, but instead was reduced to a frequent hiking pace by the meatball sub waiting to be digested. Lunch plus 7+ miles and 1,200 feet of ascent/descent is not really that smart.

But hey, more time for photographs, right? Trailside cycle of life.

On the trail uphill, water apparently was running down the trail from no particular source. On closer inspection, I could see grains of sand and mica bubbling up as water was apparently coming out of the ground. A tiny spring in the trail.

Around this point on the midway point descent, I realized that this rather stout 7-miler had become a relaxed run for a day of moderate effort, and I like that.

If you have to skid on flats like this, you are probably out of control. It's the same for all mountain sports: biking, skiing/riding, running... if you are skidding, you need to slow down.

Distance was 7.73 miles, time 2:04 (moving 1:55), elevation gain/loss 1,655 feet, avg. pace 16:09 (moving 14:59), and best pace 7:22.