Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday 7/24 Bear Creek Lake Park Run

I'm pretty far behind on sorting out my photos from this summer, so maybe I'd better just start with the present and backfill as time permits. 

I've been spending some time looking for a permanent dwelling in the Centennial State, since after years of rambling I've decided to put down roots. The market here is depressing. The home I once owned 15 years ago in the Midwest would probably cost me $600k here, which is impossible. However, it feels good to be moving forward on finding a place to live.

Bear Creek Lake today was hot, seeming more like African savannah to me than Colorado:

Danger - High Voltage. I watched this huge storm build up and dump rain on NW Denver:

I parked at a lot where there happened to be a group of people having a picnic. They were having a great time, talking, laughing, kids running around, food on the grill that smelled really good. They were Middle Eastern and Muslim; all the females wore headscarves. I don't know if anyone else here notices this, but immigrants seem to spend a lot of time outside and have picnics a lot more than the rest of us. And for Muslims in particular these days, it must be nice to get away from it all, just enjoying the day without being judged. After I finished my run, they were gone, and a Mexican family pulled up and unloaded gear to have a picnic in the same spot. Like I said.

Distance was 5.38 miles, time 1:06:02 (moving 1:00:40), avg. pace 12:16, moving pace 11:16, max pace 7:55 min/mi, elevation gain/loss 171 feet.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday 6/6 Fruita Hike/Scramble

Leaving Fruita last month, I stopped for a bit of scrambling in some decent approach shoes. The canyon rocks are a bit sandy, so traction is iffy.

I finally made up to the mushroom, and walked all over the sandy slickrock on this ridge.

Stopped in Breckenridge and at Sapphire Point on the way back.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday 6/5 CO Monument/Black Ridge Trail Run

I drove up into the Monument this day because it was 85° in town in the late morning and I figured it would be cooler. I joked it would be 80° at the trailhead. It was.

At first I thought I'd do an out and back but part way through I decided to gamble on running down to the visitor center so I could refill my water bottle. It would be hot on the way back because it would be uphill in the early afternoon, but I could just hydrate well and rest as needed. It worked fine.

Distance was 8.29 miles, time 2:33:08 (moving 2:13:01), avg. pace 18:28, moving pace 16:02, max pace 9:00 min/mi, elevation gain/loss 1,269 feet.