Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday 6/27 Herman Gulch/CDT Run

After driving past the Herman Gulch exit literally hundreds of times, stopping only for rest stops, and only once for a 1/4-mile walk, I finally ran this trail. It's a great run with a smooth grade after the first 1/3 mile or so. 

Up at the lake:

After the lake, I ran back down and turned up the Continental Divide Trail.

I-70 is back there in the middle somewhere:

It wasn't until I got to about 12,500 feet that I realized how high the trail really is. It topped out around 13,200 feet on the ridgeline.

Mount of the Holy Cross:

This is the east-ish face of Pettingell Peak, a pretty impressive slope:


I took one last trip up to the lake, which is only a few tenths of a mile from the CDT.

Over in Breckenridge for the evening:

Distance was 14.35 miles, time 5:30:45 (moving 4:30:08), avg. pace 23:03, moving pace 18:49, max pace 7:33 min/mi, elevation gain/loss 3,673 feet.