Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday 5/21 Tanglewood Trail Run

This was my first trail run in about 5 weeks due to a fractured thumb (fell on concrete while running in the 'hood). While the bones were starting to coalesce, I didn't want to disturb them, plus for the first three weeks there was pain whenever I jarred my thumb at all. So no running.

At week four I switched to a splint. Even now at five weeks, there's little solid bone growth, so I have to be careful, but I did a casual path jog, and this past weekend I ended up doing two easy mountain runs in the Mt. Evans Wilderness. It was great to be back out there.

There was a shiny new sign at the Wilderness boundary. Those signs always mean good times ahead:

Trails were dry until around 10,000 feet, when it became snowpacked, then the trail disappeared under snowdrifts. This shot is from a sunny, dry gap in the trees, which I followed for a while:

After two lengthy off-trail adventures in postholing, I managed get above treeline only to find more snowpack. It's pretty, but walking on the snowpack was tough in shorts, when your feet punch through and hard refrozen snow scrapes your shins. Not fun.

The ridgeline was tantalizingly close, but I just didn't savor the beating my bare skin would take as I kept falling through the snow. I turned around soon after this.

The shiny new splint. It's nice to finally be able to take this off and put on a long-sleeved top, which I had not been able to do for the prior four weeks.

Distance was 7.04 miles, time 4:36:37 (moving 3:21:10), avg. pace 39:16, moving pace 28:34, max pace 7:33 min/mi, elevation gain/loss 2,677 feet.

I'd say about half the time was spent wandering through the forest trying to find the trail and avoiding deep snow. It was not ideal, but there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours than wandering through pine woods in the hills of Colorado.

Saturday 5/21 Preakness Race

Damn, this is exciting. Exaggerator, running steadily many lengths behind, slowly catches up on the inside, but then the path on the inside closes. Kent takes Exaggerator around the outside (!) then Nyquist answers with the same move, but it's too late!