Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday/Saturday, Harvest Party

My sister and family decided to have a fall harvest party, with cotton candy, hot dogs, free pumpkins, jump house, petting zoo (sheep, goat, and -- unintentionally -- the barn cats). I headed west to partake. A bonfire burned each night, toasting our legs but saving us from the fall chill.

The aptly-named puppy Loki, full of mischief. Smart boy. Watch your dinner plate:

The barn cat that wants to hang out with family and crawls into everyone's lap:

A barn kitten who is more inclined to hiss at us, yet will get those mice when the corn comes down:

The pumpkin patch, before the party:

The ladies of the coop:

Loki and his big sister roughhousing:

Mom, dad, and the reluctant barn kitty:

A short run near the CO River.

Late-evening bonfire. My shins were on fire, but my backside was chilly. My dad likes to relate a story where he did a winter hike with some buddies up near Trail Ridge Road and faced a similar but more severe temperature gradient around the bonfire. I am content to retire to my cushy bed.