Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Walker Ranch Loop x 1

I felt pretty rough around the edges when I awoke -- from the run on Saturday -- and considered doing a hike or a ride. But I knew if I got out on trail, it would be fine.

It looked like rain or snow might develop at first, and it was breezy. But it was 55° F.

Skies pretty much cleared before 3 miles had passed.

There was some slush and mud in shadow areas, but not much ice. The worst of it was the hill heading down to the Ethel Harrold lot, which had some meltwater that had run down trail and refrozen. It would be easy to eat it on that downhill if you're not careful. The hill down to Eldorado was mainly slushy with some mud.

Zoom shot of the Arapahos (left) and the Boulder Watershed:

At the end, I sat in my summer running clothes, enjoying the sun and the view. Nice day.

Distance was 7.76 miles, 1:46:26, avg. pace 13:42, moving pace 13:01, max pace 6:30, elevation gain/loss 1,651 feet.