Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday Cub Creek Trail Hike

This is a hike from early March, when I was taking some time off from running. Because... my idea of rest seems to be doing multiple-hour snow hikes.

This was a trail I'd thought about doing a few times, but passed by for one reason or another, one being that I'd heard 1) it had a lot of deadfall on it and 2) then it had a private property closure. There is a long uphill detour around private property, then apparently it ends in property at about 4+ miles. I didn't quite get that far.

At about 4 miles, the trail opens up on top of a mountain, with views to the south.

I saw small cat prints, and couldn't figure out what had made them. Too small for an adult, probably not a house cat. Then I saw the adult tracks alongside and they fit in the size range of a bobcat family.

Distance was 8.33 miles, time 3:54:59 (moving 3:18:34), avg. pace 28:12, moving pace 23:50, max pace 6:57 min/mi, elevation gain/loss 1,901 feet.