Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday 10/4 South Table Hike

I was looking after the nephews (7 and 10 years) on Sunday while parents and friends went to a Broncos game. Uncle Jeff had to get his outdoor fix, so we did the South Table Mountain/Castle Rock trail on the way home. I never know with the kids, they can get bored, but this trail was a hit.

I also wasn't sure about ascending the cliff band to the top of the mesa, but they darted up the steep rock just like I would, and before you know it we were on top headed for Castle Rock:

There's a brew pub in Golden called Mountain Toad and I think we found the toad:

After South Table we made the circuit of my three neighborhood parks, plus one more in Arvada, playing catch, running, climbing, swinging. I had trouble keeping up at tag. These kids have wheels.