Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Clear/Ralston Creek Runs

Two short runs, two suburban creek trails, noon and after work.

The noon run was a tad chilly (27° F), with a decent breeze, but sunny. There were tiny green leaves everywhere, perhaps too optimistically emerging in this early Colorado springtime. Some blurry green stuff:

Singletrack next to the concrete path:

Distance was 4.16 miles, time 43:45 (moving 42:12), elevation gain/loss 48 feet, avg. pace 10:31 (moving 10:09), and best pace ~7:05.

After work run (40° F), again on singletrack along the paved path:

I chased this giant Pterodactyl from its fishing spot along the creek 3 or 4 times before it finally got fed up and flew away for good. I wish I could see a Great Blue Heron up close, they are interesting birds:

Running along a berm next to a drainage canal:

Distance was 4.06 miles, time 42:31 (moving 41:11), elevation gain/loss 269 feet, avg. pace 10:28 (moving 10:08), and best pace ~7:00.