Monday, October 6, 2008

Palin/Biden: Welfare To War Zones

In general, there was little news for the Objectivist community in the Palin/Biden debate last week. By my scoring, Biden did as well as could be expected from a liberal Democratic insider (sorry Joe), Palin came off as feisty but unsophisticated. They are both highly pragmatic, display little or no respect for individual rights, and America loses either way. Between the two, I would rather have a relatively knowledgeable pragmatist than an inexperienced mystical one running my country.

What was a bit surprising to me, or at least I had not heard before, was that both candidates are eager to extend their altruism around the world, at our expense of course. This, at a time when we are already overextended in terms of people and money. Joe Biden says this about Pakistan:

There have been 7,000 madrassas built along that border. We should be helping them build schools to compete for those hearts and minds of the people

And this about Darfur:

I don't have the stomach for genocide when it comes to Darfur. We can now impose a no-fly zone. It's within our capacity. We can lead NATO if we're willing to take a hard stand.

And this about Afghanistan:

We need government-building. We need to spend more money on the infrastructure in Afghanistan.

And Palin says about Afghanistan:

we're securing democracy, and we're building schools for children there so that there is opportunity in that country, also

Great. More overseas altruist adventures; just what we need.

On the upside, the debates provide excellent fodder for humor such as this 10/4 Saturday Night Live version. Good stuff!

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