Monday, February 1, 2010

Dawn Over Dillon Reservoir

These sculpted clouds hovered south of Frisco, CO Saturday morning, behind frozen Dillon Reservoir, as dawn's first light was just hitting Bald Mountain (right).

Dawn Over Dillon Reservoir
Rewind 15 minutes to when I was driving towards the east side of the Eisenhower Tunnel, looking up at Mount Bethel, which is the pointed mountain on the right as you near the Continental Divide. I happened to glance up into the deep blue sky and see what I thought was a planet peeking from behind the ridgeline, and I wondered which planet it was. Then, I noticed that the "planet" was hugging the ridge, that it was descending, and that it was also weaving almost imperceptibly. Someone was skiing/riding down the ridgeline before dawn, with a headlamp! Cool! I've seen people skinning up the valley before during the day, but never when it was dark.

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