Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blog Optimizations

My blog had gotten to the point where it was just taking too long to load. I'm impatient and like fast pages, so I tweaked a number of things to decrease the load time:
  • Optimized the banner image at the top (about 40% the size on disk).
  • Reduced the size of my profile avatar and text.
  • Removed the Google Followers widget and replaced it with just a "Follow" button. That thing was taking way too long by making other AJAX server requests.
  • Consolidated links on the right.
  • Chose a smaller ad for The Objective Standard.
  • Lowered the number of blogroll items showing at one time. It's sorted by date, so most recent posts always float to the top.
  • Removed the custom mountain image bullets on the right (the same image as in the menu bar, between "Home" and "Photo").
  • Added HEAD META tags for IE so the page does not flicker when browsing between links:
    <meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(duration=0)" />
    <meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="blendTrans(duration=0)" />
  • Changed the SiteMeter tracking traffic statistics icon to the invisible JavaScript version.

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