Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Crestones

This shot of the Crestone Group within the Sangre de Cristo Range is from a wildlife area off 285 in the San Luis valley. If you ever get a chance to drive over to Crestone, the view is dramatic. The peaks rise higher and higher, and then disappear behind the front row of foothills as you get close to town.

I like the pastel shades of this picture; it was about 1/2 hour before sunset.

Crestone is just a tiny little place, and there are a couple of other towns that strike me as being similar in Colorado: Eldorado Springs near Boulder, and La Plata near Durango. And perhaps Eldora. They are all small communities right at the edge of tall mountains, seemingly with lots of hippies and/or artists-in-residence. I actually had a grad student teacher in college who summered in Crestone. Lucky guy.


  1. Great pic. I've gazed at a similar view from the window of a lodge on The Nature Conservancy's Medano-Zapata Ranch there in the San Luis Valley.

  2. Thanks. The ranch looks pretty nice. I still have not been to the dunes and I really need to. Maybe early in the year for the melt/flowers.

  3. Nice photo. You should also try to make a trip to the Westcliffe area and take a gander at the Sangres from there. I think they look even more dramatic from that direction.

  4. Thanks. I've not been to Westcliffe, but was farther south on the east side when I visited Mt. Lindsey. The day I was there was slightly overcast so the mountains were kind of flat-looking, but the valley was amazingly green. It didn't seem like typical Colorado in the summer.