Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December 2010 Running Summary

I ran 21 days then got sick, probably from a combination of proximity and pre-holiday stress (i.e. bad planning and lack of sleep). I took a total of 10 days off. I'm still only partially recovered because of lingering chest congestion.

December was a string of near-token runs day after day, though I did get out the door. Because the runs were so short, I simply jogged on "off" days. It was actually great to do the running equivalent of sitting on a sofa and reading a book.

By the numbers:
  • Days: 21
  • Distance: 104.57 miles
  • Time: 19:02:47
  • Vertical: 8,363 feet
8,300 feet?? I only did 2 runs up the actual Green Mountain in Lakewood, the rest of the elevation gain is just from running on nearby streets, which are hilly. If I hadn't gotten sick, I probably would have logged 10k of vertical running "around the block". That's crazy.

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