Friday, January 21, 2011

Loveland Cat's Meow

This is a video of a trip down one of the front side trails at Loveland, which is just to the right of Chair 1 when you're looking up.

I notice a few things: first, there is a lot of side-to-side motion, which is not ideal; it's best to remain focused downhill with your upper body relatively level, relaxed and floating. Second, the camera may point a bit too far up, which causes it to lose some of the energy of seeing the ground rush by. It's also a bit bright in some parts. I upped the exposure one notch, and it seems to have lost some detail on the snow. I might set it back down to the default.

I also didn't really pay much attention to the bumps, but kind of ran over them 2-3 at a time. That's a luxury you have when the snow is soft, but if it hadn't snowed in a week, the bumps would have been hard and that would have been punishing.

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