Thursday, January 20, 2011

Loveland Ski Pics

Speaking of "go, go, go", I'm feeling run down again so I'm taking another breather in an attempt to head off another long illness. Feeling totally beat, I hit the sack at 9 PM last night, and did zero running Monday, Wednesday, or today. The throat does not feel good and I'm not taking any chances. Hopefully I'll be back for the weekend.

Note to self: get good sleep above all else. And stay hydrated. I think the high country really dried me out, which when combined with the long, fun, strenuous day was a bit taxing on my system.

These are photos from Tuesday. In spite of the dire weather warnings and the highways being closed until around 8:45 AM, the weather at Loveland was actually excellent for enjoying the 16" of new snow. Not too cold, not too windy (5-20 mph), scattered sun.

Below is the top of a trail on the front side next to Chair 1. Note the drop-off in the back -- yee-ha! I did only a so-so job of skiing it, but the new snow made it easier, and it was fun.

Over on Chair 8, where the powder was sheltered from the wind, was probably the best snow of the day. Other than cheers for crazies straight lining the steeps on Chair 1, this was where I heard the most "woo-hoo!"s of the day, including from me. Great stuff:

My track down the middle:

The view below shows Mt. Sniktau in the back, with the trails of Loveland Valley in the middle background. The ski area has an unusual layout, since it wraps around I-70 in a "U" shape, with the middle right over the Johnson/Eisenhower tunnels. Loveland Valley is the beginner area and it's a short drive down the service road, or a shuttle ride away.

Below are some trees off Chair 1. These are considerably steeper than the trees in my video from Mary Jane, although that ski area also has its share of steep trees.

I rounded out the day lapping Chair 1 until 4 PM with only a few other people, seeking out remaining patches of powder on the open slopes and in the trees. I was skiing the trail called Over the Rainbow, which ends at the parking lot, and from which you can walk back over to the chair lifts. So, my last run was on that trail, ending at the lot. What a great day.

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