Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday Evening Run

Did a short run Monday. It was a bit chilly at 8 degrees, so I wrapped up well. The only thing that was cold was my face. And maybe my feet, because I intentionally ran through snow instead of on the sidewalk, so I wouldn't wear down the spikes. A paved path that was unplowed:

The REI eVent jacket is working really well in combination with a base layer. Very impressed. I'm totally warm and dry in it. Only thing is, the zipper pulls are too small to use with mittens, and even without, if your fingers are cold. And one of the zippers separated. But hey, it's REI, so if I can't fix it I can take it back... until the end of time. Conclusion: Mongo still like REI jacket!

Distance was 4.24 miles, time 1:00, and elevation gain/loss 370 feet.

Pace was slow because I was messing around, taking blurry photos, and navigating huge piles of plowed snow. And honestly, it was just plain nice out, so a couple of times I just stopped and enjoyed the view down on the city.

I think if I can enjoy being outside in 8 degrees, I won't have any problems completing my goal of running outside all winter. But we'll see.


  1. It's possible that you may be unique in describing an hour outside on Monday evening as being plain nice!

  2. I hate the cold, too. I surprised myself.

    All local runners were not enjoying it equally. For example this run from Tuesday -- during the day, no less (3rd photo from bottom).

    I'm not claiming total victory until spring has arrived.