Monday, January 17, 2011

Slow-Motion Tree Skiing

My very generous brother gave me a Contour HD helmet cam for Christmas (or more like several Christmases; thanks, brother!), and Sunday I took it on its inaugural run at Mary Jane. This is gently-sloped terrain (almost flat in some spots), possibly Kinnikinnick. There hadn't been deep snow in the days prior to my outing, so it was a mixture of soft snow and scraped areas, but it was still fun to get onto the hill.

The video is 720p HD. If you have a slow connection like I do, once you start the video select "360p" on the bottom right of the video window.

The video is dark because I haven't had time to adjust it; I may re-upload it later with adjustments. This brightness level was the default setting on the camera, possibly to avoid blown-out whites on snow.

I'm laughing as I watch myself hit branch after branch. Really, I'm not Danger Boy when I ski! And the camera is mounted on the right side of my helmet so the branches are not actually hitting me in the face like it looks.

I gotta figure out how to fit this thing on my head for trail running. If I don't, I'll be the guy running Denver metro trails in a ski helmet.


  1. Youtube says the video is private.

  2. Oops, clicked the wrong setting, should be fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. haha that was great and BEAUTIFUL! Makes me actually want to ski a least the gentle stuff.

  4. Thanks, it was fun. Tree skiing on a powder day (which this was not) is about the best. Just have to avoid eating a bark sandwich.