Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday AM Run

Tuesday morning I had the day off and was going to ski after a Monday snow storm, but the highways were closed, and due to high winds the snow was falling horizontally at the Divide (I could see it on the live video cams). I decided to shift the day off later in the week when it wouldn't be so crazy up there.

So, I went about my business and did a run in fantastic morning weather. The dirt was frozen just enough to keep it from being muddy, and the sun took the chill away when I got to the top of the hill.

Here is a view over a small slice of west Lakewood, which shows the fingers of open space reaching down into the subdivisions:

Below is a windy Mount Evans, with snow blowing around it. That peak, at 14,264 feet, is over 6,100 feet higher than where I'm standing. Atmosphere is 72% vs. sea level at the top of my run, and a mere 56% at the top of Evans.

The summit of Green Mountain in Lakewood, with yucca bushes and a cairn of rocks created by trail users:

Run distance was 8 miles, time 1:24, and elevation gain/loss 1,176 feet.

As it turned out, the highways opened up right after I got back from the run, the winds in the mountains died down, and the sun came out, so I went skiing after all. My legs were going to be pretty tired, but hey -- powder day!

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