Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday AM Run

Run shortened due to Internet. I got caught up pondering an online discussion and lost about 20 minutes on my run today. I don't blog before running, and I think I need to expand that rule to include any type of composition.

So, I ran only slightly farther today than yesterday. I ran up to Hayden Park open space and turned around, about 1/2 on streets, 1/2 on trails. At several points I was following these tracks:

Fox, I think, since they are too small for coyote and there were no human tracks.

At the same cadence or faster (170?) than yesterday, breathing was almost back to normal. That was a quick recovery from a week off. Although I think my legs were unduly tired for such short runs.

Distance was 4.5 miles, time 44:24, and elevation gain/loss 515 feet.

I stopped for about 3 minutes total to take some photos and to just look; it was one of those bleak grey, yet beautiful, winter days were the skies are crisp shades of swirling silver and everything seems sharp and more real for the cold. The fresh snow had not melted, so there was the odd situation of having totally dry dirt under the snow.

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