Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Year 2010 - Numbers

The year 2010 was a great year for me; for developing as a writer/blogger/photographer, for outdoor activity in general, and running in particular.

It was a year in which I started reading a lot of outdoor blogs, and the emphasis of my own blog shifted more towards running. I don't think that's any sort of intrinsic good*, but it reflects my personal values and interests.

I had a lot of great trail runs and took some photos I'm proud of. I'll probably post/re-post some of those.

These posts are going to be mostly about running, since that's been the dominant free-time interest for me this year. It started out as one post, but grew too long so I've split it into topics.

This post is the year in numbers. In terms of numbers the totals are:

  • Distance: 1,108 miles
  • Elevation gain/loss: 236,000 feet
  • Time: 282 hours
  • Days: 180
I ran with more regularity this year, increasing as the year progressed. I didn't run at all in January, and ran more with warmer weather -- until the end of the year, when I ran outside regardless of temperature or weather:

This was partially an experiment to see if I would wimp out. I didn't.

I got hit by a cold in late December and took a 10-day break before getting out on New Year's Eve at dusk and 10 degrees. Nonetheless, the fact that I still managed to run 21 days is indication that my running habits have changed greatly, considering I ran one day last December. It also points out the difficulty of time management while running a lot, both to get things done and to stay healthy.

Mileage is still moderate per month, but increasing. I'm comfortable running daily (with easy jogging or rest days as needed), but I'm eager to get out for longer runs in addition to just getting out the door.

Elevation gain per run was fairly high (1,300 feet), but with shorter days I am running less-hilly street and path miles, which affect that. This is the total elevation gain per month in feet:

Towards the end of the year I also thought maybe I'd get to a quarter million feet of vertical, which would have sounded cool ;) But that's OK, it's just a number.

Another number:
  • Races: 0
I thought about running the Bolder Boulder 10k, but last year I was ticked off about missing trail running while I was training for it, and then cramping up during the race and taking a step back in terms of time. I may race in the future, but it's not enough of a value to me to set aside a lot in order to do it. If I can work in training that is well-integrated with the other running I do, and is also satisfying, then fine. If not, fine. There might be better strategies for racing too, such as running smaller local races**.

Possibly the most significant fact is that the last half of 2010 is very different from the first half. It will be interesting to see what happens when I apply the same consistent running patterns for a full year.

*Objectivism holds that intrinsic good is a contradiction anyway ;)
**Or, to put it another way: "races that don't have 10-year-olds who can beat me".


  1. You nearly got the vertical I got on 1/4 the miles! When you get out, you get on the hills!

    Let's share some miles in the 011.

  2. Definitely, one of my plans for the new year is to come out of the hermit cave now and again. lol.