Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monday Reservoir Run

I'm getting caught up now after a couple of days of running around after work.

On Memorial Day I joined footfeathers for a run at Boulder Reservoir, which meant a slow run for him and a moderately intense effort for me. My body doesn't know what to do when I run around without stopping (i.e. photos). But I like a real workout now and then, as opposed to sightseeing with some running in between.

So this time you'll have to take my word that the dark storm clouds over Boulder were cool-looking.

We ran while the Bolder Boulder was happening, and I figure we would have landed about 8,000th place out of 49,000 with our workout. Actually it wasn't too far off a couple of my performances at that race.

Distance was 11.68 miles, time 1:46, and elevation gain/loss 224 feet.

The run meet up was also my opportunity to test ride the K2 because Tim had decided to sell it. I had been looking for a while and although it was slightly over my original budget, it was also much more bike for the money. After all, value = worth/price. It was a very generous deal, what with the work that had already had done on the bike, so I went for it, along with a spare bike helmet. He was like a father sending a kid off to summer camp, explaining everything I'd need to do, mainly because I'm new to mountain biking and didn't have a clue. I definitely lucked out on this one all around.

Then I spent the rest of the day trying to keep it covered up inside my car (which has tinted rear windows).

Add on another 8 miles on my feet for the day, when I parked off University Hill and just walked around downtown to see what was going on.

Stopped again at South Mesa on the way home. Too nice out.

I also looked for some bike shoes, and when I didn't find any, some cheap pedals or combo SPD/flat pedals.

Most important, the bike search is over. One more big gear item checked off the recently-moved-to-Colorado-and-have-nothing list. Thanks, man!

Let the cross-training begin.

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