Tuesday, June 14, 2011

South Table Slow Run

Just when I thought it couldn't get any slower.

Kidding. I enjoyed the leisurely pace of this run Tuesday after work, which felt relaxing and sustainable. I ran over South Table Mountain in Golden from west to east and back, starting at the Castle Rock trailhead and turning around at Foothills TH on the east.

Run distance was 8.92 miles, moving time 1:41, gain 1,063 feet. Average HR 132; even managed to keep it close to that on the hills.

Your poo annoys our lions

It was a great day out, and I didn't quite have 2 hours to run but I tried anyway. The days are nice and long right now.

Castle Rock on the right, Golden on the left

There were some freaky clouds this evening reminiscent of winter. It must have been windy and cold up high.

As I ran down the rugged trail in this "light", as usual I thought about injury and slowed a bit. However, with experience and a lot of evening runs, you just get used to working with very little in the way of visual cues; a certain fuzzy patch of brown that stays constant for 1/3 of a second is flat, a shape that shifts an inch in that time span is a rock, etc. You start relying on your peripheral vision, which is more sensitive to light.

I wanted 10 miles today, but I thoughtlessly didn't bring my headlamp and ran out of enough daylight to be safe. That includes both descending a cliff band in the dark and the native cats.


  1. I have always wondered why people bother bagging it ... then leaving it along the trail? Nice run - those clouds were sort of cold looking, which is wrong at this time of year! Have a great week!

  2. HappyTrails - Thanks, you too. The charitable explanation is people forget it on the return trip, since the dog probably goes ASAP upon hitting the trail. Or maybe they are eaten by bears.