Friday, June 3, 2011

Wednesday Green Bike

This was my first bike ride in a while, and my first MTB ride ever, on the new-to-me bike I acquired from footfeathers.

Although I used to have a road bike in college and rode a lot, I've only ridden maybe a few dozen times since then, and it was a long time ago. I felt tentative getting on a bike, like I wouldn't be able to do it. But after the end of the ride I was pretty comfortable and was letting it roll a bit.

I rode the usual route to Green Mountain in Lakewood, though not to the top, and then rode back on some streets.

Ride distance was 8.4 miles, time 1:07, elevation gain/loss was 835 feet.

Maybe should have put this on the grass?

Above is what I now think of as a Jill-style photo of the bike at the beginning of the local open space, with Green Mountain out of sight to the left. It's actually sort of green this time of year, too.

It was a blast riding a bike on my usual running trails, although my technique was pretty tentative while I got used to it all. The steep downhills were awkward because I probably braked too much, my rear tire skidding. I'll learn. I didn't meet anyone on trail so I didn't get to try out my heretofore imaginary yielding skills.

My preliminary thoughts:
  • The front wheel gets really light when biking uphill.
  • On downhills, the back tire tends to skid out if I'm not careful.
  • Then again, the brakes work really well.
  • I prefer a quick cadence like with running (the Lance method vs. the Ullrich method).
  • The K2 bike reminds me of a lighter, damper version of my K2 skis: maneuverable and a wee bit chatty (not much, mind you) as opposed to heavy and damp, but worth it in terms of control.
  • At speed this bike is really smooth.
  • On flats, I feel like I'm reaching out a small amount, but on the downhills I'm glad for the reach, because it keeps me lower on the bike.
Great time.


  1. Nice! I am thinking of getting into mountain bike a little with my old hardtail Gary Fisher. If you want a slow riding partner now and again let me know. This weekend is out due to a funeral but hope time starts to free up next week again.

  2. Trailrat - Yeah, it was great to feel some (relative) speed for a change! Don't worry, I'm not going to be burning up the trails with speed, so that sounds good some time.

  3. Good stuff, sweet ride!

    "The front wheel gets really light when biking uphill."
    For a climbing stance, I'm partial to bar ends on my bike.

    "On downhills, the back tire tends to skid out if I'm not careful"
    And shift your weight behind the seat when appropriate (if you're not already) to keep more weight on the back.

    Have fun! Greenlakewood is an awesome option to have for quick workouts, I would think.

  4. Mike - It's a nice bike, and much more than I thought I could get.

    Good idea on the bars; I think I'm lacking leverage compared to a road bike.

    I moved to this exact location from out of state because of proximity to Green and I-70. Then I started running all over the place and neglected Green, but I think this past winter taught me the virtue of making the most of my home turf.