Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gudy's No-Rest

Monday I took was a limping walk through neighborhood streets with my father, and Tuesday it was a limping hike on the Colorado Trail west of Durango while he fished Junction Creek. We agreed to meet back at the car in 2 hours.

My right quad and knee were still sore from the bike wipeout, but I managed a pretty fast hike anyway. I walked as fast and as softly as I could, putting little weight on my right leg.

Below is Gudy's Rest, a stop that is a few miles into the Colorado Trail from the western end in Durango. This is pretty much my default in-town run while I'm visiting:

A view of Perins Peak (middle) from the same spot:

The valley was moist from recent rain, and large black slugs were trying to cross the trail. I moved one off to the side so it wouldn't get stepped on (and probably set its journey back by an hour), but there were so many it was a losing battle.

This trail is hilly!

I even did a couple hundred yards of running at the end, run-limping rather lamely. I got to Gudy's Rest, the halfway point, in about 67 minutes, and got back to the car when my father climbed out of the weeds from Junction Creek. Perfect.

Hike distance was 6 miles, time 2:11, and elevation gain 1,442 feet.

I still couldn't put a lot of weight on my leg or do a full squat without pain, but things were rapidly improving. The following day I had been planning to attend Stage 2 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge with my brother (who is a road biker with a lot of miles under his belt), and ride up to the top of Independence Pass. So ride #18 on my MTB would be a 36-mile ride up to a 12,000 foot pass on a sore leg.

Eh, no problem.


  1. That was my Wednesday night run while living down there! Such a great out and back. Also a nice little fishing spot away from all the crazies along the Animas.

  2. I have never seen black slugs before on any trails I've ever been on. Weird.

    Very pretty hike (run when you're able) and I hope the knee is recovering quickly so you can make that jaunt on the bike to watch the tour!

  3. Jaime - Love that run. Such a great trail close to town.

    Today we hiked up from Dry Creek, which was my first time on that section. A little hot but also nice.

    "crazies along the Animus"

    heh. I try not to get my dad -- an avid fly fisherman -- started on that. Basically, I try not to use the word "tubing" at all :)

  4. Jill - (sorry for the delay, was getting errors trying to approve comments) Thanks, the knee is progressing; some pangs of pain like there's some internal healing still going on, but I can get out there. Had an awesome bike day in Aspen, post shortly.