Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I really worked the tendons in my right knee on my run Friday, by playing with my foot landing on the 8-miler over South Table Mountain. Nothing serious, just put more tension on them and they were pretty sore on Saturday. I won't be doing that again.

Went up to Boulder an hour before the farmer's market closed, bought some coffee, got some pork spring rolls as a snack, ate lunch on the grass. Did two walks: one from the market, one after a later lunch.

Boulder Creek

I was a wary of intense exercise because I knew I was doing a long run on Sunday, in fact I was wondering if it was a good idea. But the soreness slowly eased as the day went on, and Sunday morning it was pretty much gone.

Bear Canyon trailhead

Just a good summer day of relaxing.

Took the bike out with the Mavic Razor shoes late in the day, just a short spin uphill and back. They felt good riding, but don't quite lock in the right heel as much as I'd like when walking. My right heel is a bit more vertical on the back, so it doesn't always fit into the heel pocket of shoes. Annoying. I like the snug fit of the Shimano 087, but the "tread" seems like a bad joke. But, I figure I just need to stop messing around and get some miles in on some shoes already!

Need to schedule the trailer hitch install so I can travel.


  1. hey wait - you can park at that trailhead for FREE? Don't tell anyone!

  2. GZ - Very funny. Um... sort of.

    BTW this should be called the Southern Sun Trailhead.

    I found I didn't have to fill my shoes with newspaper when I was done to dry them, they just dried on their own. Odd.