Monday, August 8, 2011

Where The Antelope Roam

Near the South Colony Lakes TH in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, I encountered this group of antelope. This is some of them; more had broken off and gone in different directions. Granted I'm only driving about 35 mph on a rough dirt road, but they have some speed.

They're also pretty skittish in my experience, not like deer, which are often very accustomed to people and will let you get within 20 feet and just stand there, staring at you.

It was a great weekend, with a fantastic run up Humboldt Peak, one of the easier peaks in the Sangres but another stop-and-stare sort of alpine experience on a bluebird day. Time there was far too short; I could easily spend a week just in this valley.


  1. Humboldt - beautifully basic 14er. My first actually. Love dem Sangres.

  2. GZ - A simple peak, yet enjoyed it a ton. Got a chuckle while running and thinking about your phrase "get yer alpine on". lol

  3. Nice - can't wait for the photos ;-)