Monday, October 24, 2011

Crown Hill Park Walk

Sitting at my desk all day was not the best thing after my run yesterday, and I hobbled down the stairs on stiff legs when leaving the office (good thing it wasn't an ultra). Time for a little exercise, so I stopped by Crown Hill on the way home for a walk.

It's pretty nice, and it's big, 242 acres or about 2 miles for a lap around the outside. There are two lakes/ponds, a small wildlife sanctuary section, and some cottonwood groves here and there to divide it up and keep it interesting. According to the sign it's based on an 1860 homestead and the lakes are natural.

There was a goose happy hour out on the lake raising causing quite a ruckus. Lots of water birds landing for the evening.

Some of the runners were more "serious" (speed-oriented?) than what I see out on the trails, moving a long at a good clip, doing strides, etc. Pretty good crowd but still plenty of room.


  1. I've never been there, it is so pretty....especially with those orange clouds reflecting on the water. Peaceful!

  2. Don't you wish you had some nicer places to visit...? ;-) I really like that third pic. (Still planning on visiting the Cone, just was not the weekend for it.)

  3. Yeah, we've got it pretty good and I try not to forget it.

    HappyTrails - NP. Things went down to the last minute so it would have been tough to coordinate.

  4. Just an FYI - My mom did the guinea pig work on the 310 HS - she sent me some jpegs and developed photos. Very soft images, and disappointing overall quality. I must protect the SD960 as I am spoiled on sharp images.

    BTW, liked the ski down Barr comment - LOL!!

  5. HappyTrails - That's a bummer about the 310. But that's exactly why I get the test images!

    You bring to mind a tactic I like to use: when you find something you like, buy more than one. Unfortunately I can't typically do that for cameras.