Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snowy But Bright

When I ate lunch outside today, it was bright but chilly. I don't think it was much over 40, but I just have to get outside and I'll keep doing this until my fingers get numb, i.e. roughly December-February.

I made a quick recovery from last Sunday's 20-mile/3,500-foot trail run/hike. In spite of serious depletion on Sunday, I didn't have the expected soreness in the knees on day 2 (or any time after); why, I don't really know. Hopefully it's some combination of time and maintenance.

I still continue to run once per week, although I was tempted to go for a jog mid-week.

The feeling of invincibility I used to have, of being able to exercise as much as I want and simply wait out the inevitable full recovery, is still not back. Some would call it age, but I don't believe in that. One look around at the number of old fossils doing amazing things is enough to convince me otherwise. "Age" is really some combination of personal choice mitigated by cumulative wear and tear. Hopefully with some more rest, I'm still well on the "personal choice" side of the equation.


  1. I suggest you give into temptation.

  2. GZ - (Yoda voice) Rest for the Basic I must, mmm?

  3. Glad I am not doing the Basic actually. But you can give into that temptation of a couple of times a week.