Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Moon, Jupiter, Venus

When the Moon and planets are lined up in the sky it's really easy to see the plane of the solar system (roughly the light blue line below). So if you think of the path of the planets as horizontal, we are pretty far "down" the sphere of the Earth; almost lying on our side. It's the only time I can visualize the fact that we are actually on a big ball.


  1. It is really awesome that you live in a place where you can see that actual line like that. I keep looking but I never see that.

  2. GZ - Well, actually that's from Van Bibber Open Space, which is wide open. But I can almost see that from home.

  3. That is a truly beautiful picture. Having lived in Boulder for almost forty years and having left it behind four years ago, I am thrilled to be seeing your pictures to remind me of its beauty.

  4. I saw this also. I took a picture of what I saw from my house in Arizona:

  5. Do you ever "not" have cool stuff to photograph??? ;-)

  6. DJan - Thanks.

    Hundewanderer - Pretty good for point and shoot! Interesting that the moon has moved to the other side of the planets in 4 days.

    HappyTrails - If it's not scenic, I try to be somewhere else. Heh.


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