Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday Half

I ran the Bear Creek path Sunday rather than at some far-off place that would require a bunch of travel time.

Distance was 13.11 miles, moving time 2:11 (actual 2:22), and elevation gain/loss was 443 feet.

This was a steady but not intense run, with little stopping -- for me. This is about as hard a workout as I usually do. Pace on the flats was probably 8:30-9:30.

Things are drying out a bit on some of the exposed trails, and in spite of the snow you can definitely sense warmer times ahead. I heard different bird songs this week.

It was about 35-40 and breezy, and I got away with shorts and a T most of the time because of the solid sunshine. It's funny to run past people in winter coats, but keeping moving really generates enough heat for comfort.

This time I took the bike path into the golf course (instead of the trail along Morrison Rd.), which I had never done, and which eventually snakes up the dam for Bear Creek Lake. It was pretty darn windy at the top so I turned around and came back. Great sweeping views. Lots of runners out in spite of the wind. Pace dropped to about 10:00-10:30 uphill, but kept it up aside from the quick photo stops.

A lot of the trail weaves along the creek and behind homes, apartments etc. like this:

The Stone House, after which the singletrack trail along the river is named:

In the fall I took the Stone House trail along the golf course, which has 3 river crossings, and made it over two dry, but got stumped by the third (unless I was going to wade through a foot of water, which I didn't really want to do). So, I never saw the other end, and had no idea where it went. Today I found the other side: it starts near the above dam, behind a maintenance building.

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