Wednesday, March 14, 2012

North Table Hike

Monday was a day off from running... I've been trying to do every other day, a level that I'm going to stick with as my default for a while, as long as my body can handle it. I don't have any intent of pushing it past that, unless fantastic opportunities arise, as they usually do in the summer! This is a walk up North Table in Golden.

This was a fun bit of scrambling through the cliff band at the top:

This photo was taken with iContrast on, which keep the highlights from getting blown out, and fills in the shadows. It does tend to flatten the tones in the upper 30%, so clouds look kind of flat, and the contrast in the shadows is a bit much, but if the scene is not too dark or light it works OK.


  1. BTW, a change to the google blogger part has made email subscription to your comment threads invisible as well.

    Cool shots. iContrast? So an iphone feature assumedly?

  2. My highly skilled testing team missed that. Dang, looks like the full page comment form doesn't have the email link! I changed the embedded versions. Thanks!

    Funny, right after that run I picked up the iPhone 4S, and its camera is pretty good for a phone. But no, I probably should have mentioned iContrast is a Canon feature. It's the one "i" name in a million Apple hasn't trademarked.

  3. And you know Canon was proud to snag that! I find that many shots with the iContrast assume a more muddy feel, so I leave it off and apply it in camera only if it is otherwise unusable. Have you seen the photo book that was published, comprised entirely of shots from a iPhone? (I think Josh Brown was the photographer...?) Good to see your trails are drying out.

  4. HappyTrails - Admittedly I do waste a lot of shots using iContrast, but like it when I'm shooting into the sun or when the darks are neither really dark (it does nothing) or too light (you get the strange smoothing and odd contrasty tonality).

  5. HT - And I'll have to keep an eye out for that book.