Sunday, April 1, 2012

Activity Summary - March 2012

This was my strongest month in a year, mainly because I spent much of the past year nursing either plantar fasciitis or patellar tendonitis (which are finally under control).

I also managed to get in a few 10-mile+ runs during the work week, in addition to the longer runs on the weekends, and average run length is trending up towards 10 miles.

For me this is a decent amount, and it seems manageable and maintainable while running roughly every other day. Most important, my body feels good and it is still fun.

Runs: 14
  • Distance: 137 miles
  • Time: 29:40
  • Elevation Gain: 18,753 feet
Rides: 1
  • Distance: 16 miles
  • Time: 2:18
  • Elevation Gain: 340 feet
Walks: 21
  • Distance: 24 miles
  • Time: 9:15
  • Elevation Gain: 1,738 feet
Hikes: 3
  • Distance: 10 miles
  • Time: 5:00
  • Elevation Gain: 2,359 feet
I may have to go back re-categorize some of the walks as hikes... it's a bit discretionary -- most walks are at lunch on fairly flat land -- so 1,700 feet of gain for "walks" seems like a bit too much!

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  1. It is Colorado, where a 'walk in the park' could entail 1700' vert, depending on the park ;-)