Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ralston Creek Path Run

Distance was 10.33 miles, time 1:48 (moving 1:37), elevation gain/loss 352 feet.

The skies were utterly distracting on this run Tuesday after work, and until the sun set, I kept stopping to take pictures. After sundown I did some fairly hard running. I'll admit I'm not really accustomed to putting a lot a value on that, so it takes a lot of talking myself out of stopping and keeping motivated. The last hour or so was what I'd call "work".

The clear, low sunlight was amazing.

I did a few laps around a huge open field on a slope, with great views of the sky. Each lap was about a mile. This is the edge, through some groves of trees:

The clouds stretched across the western sky, and almost overhead. The colors cycled continuously for two of the laps, until they turned blue gray after the sun went down.

I broke out the lamp after dark and hit residential streets, since it gets pretty dark along the creek and I figured I'd leave the animals to themselves.

Wore the Altra Instinct (in black) I think for the first time on a real run. I wear them to work every day though, very comfy. They felt good on the run, though the flat soles reveal form defects by telegraphing the exact sound of each footstep. At times, my right foot was tapping, my left was almost silent. That often meant I was getting lazy with my arms. Duly noted.

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