Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Of Rest

Late sleeping, shopping, buying bike shorts, having burger and beer, doing taxes.

I had not been able to find any mountain bike shorts I like (bad fit, lack of waist adjustment, etc.), so I got some part-hugging Lycra road shorts with a gel insert that look like they're made for a male go-go dancer, and I'll just wear some shorts that I like over them.

Checked out the new MT00, and they are too minimal for daily use for me, especially after ramming my toe into a rock in the MT110, and having a stick come through the sole of my MT10s, which have similar sole construction. The toe on these is no more protective. I really like running in the light shoes, but I don't like being injured. For me the MT00 has the same utility as the MT10, which is to be a light shoe that would be fun to run in sometimes, especially on smooth trails.

Sierra Nevada's Ruthless Rye is really good. I wouldn't know rye from other grains in beer by taste, but it's hoppy and dense like their Torpedo, with only slightly less bitterness and ABV. Maybe I should try them side by side ;)


  1. I grabbed a sixer of that stuff on Friday. I would agree that it is better than the Torpedo. I'm looking forward to trying their Hoptimum at some point.

  2. Jay - I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favorite between the two brews. Torpedo has a bit more hops, whereas Ruthless Rye has a bit more maltiness. Hoptimum is excellent. Great brewery, and their Pale Ale was probably the first non-mass beer I really liked... many many years ago.

  3. Okay, convinced. I will will give it a whirl. I like the torpedo but have been afraid to try the rye given druthers of how to drop 8 bucks on a sixer.

  4. GZ - In the interest of science, I decided to do a comparison tasting this evening and I'm going to have to agree with Jay. The Ruthless has more malt body and complexity than the Torpedo, which is more hop-heavy (I like it a lot) but doesn't have the same complexity or body behind it. But, I might need to do this taste test again :)