Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday Meyer Ranch

After the zipline tour in Conifer, I grabbed a sandwich platter at Hog Heaven and 15 minutes later started jogging at Meyer Ranch, because that's how I do it: test the stomach as often as possible. Truthfully I wasn't running hard enough to upset anything.

Aside from a couple of sections, the lower trails run along the front of hill, rather than up it, so they make a couple of a pleasant loops on a light or recovery day.

I made use of the neighborhood access section to get another couple of tenths out of the laps, and saw what I thought was a bobcat, but it was just a pale house cat with tufted ears. I tried to get a picture of the false bobcat to keep with my false bear photo (chocolate lab) and false lion photos (tree stumps) but it got away.

Run distance was 5.38 miles, time 1:08, and elevation gain/loss 709 feet.

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