Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday Ralston Creek Run

Distance was 10.19 miles, time 1:38, elevation gain/loss 289 feet.

There was 56-minute 10k at the end of this run, which is not bad for me since my PR is 49+ and I stopped a bit. However, running a minute faster pace to match the PR would have been tough. Beautiful light again:

I came across a swarm of bees clinging to the top of a raised manhole cover. They were calm and still, so I took a close-up. I guess they were in between residences? I don't mind honey bees as much as other stinging insects; they seem to be mellower and less prone to get in my face, so to speak. And they make sweet stuff for us.

A western part of the path along the golf course:

This is looking across Tucker Lake, which obviously was not always a lake:

Another view southwest towards the mountains:


  1. Just catching up on a week or so of backlog - looks like you have been logging some nice mileage! Gearing up for an "event" or plugging in some base for the mountain season? We'll need to get up that way soon to capture that elusive season when the hills on your side of town are green for a bit ;-)

  2. HappyTrails - Just trying to up the endurance and get in some time since I only run 1/2 the days of the month.

    Don't blink, the Front Range will only be green for about 15 minutes this year. Actually according to NOAA things may be back to normal by June.