Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday Bear Creek Run

Outstanding sunny day Tuesday with temps in the low 80s. I had to spend a few minutes on Clear Creek before heading back to the office at lunch.

Amazingly there were only minimal showers in the evening for my run, and the sunlight was still beaming. From near Bear Creek in Lakewood:

Same spot, other direction:

The singletrack trail on the way to Bear Creek Lake Park and the foothills:

As soon as the blackbirds get settled in along the drainage ditch above, one or two will start dive-bombing me as I go by. This is in the park near my turnaround point:

Distance was 10.67 miles, time 1:56, and elevation gain/loss 418 feet.

The legs felt pretty sluggish again Tuesday, maybe because instead of taking rest days lately I've been getting out, for example on the bike (hikes are OK because they're pretty relaxing). But I didn't even feel warmed up until mile 3, and didn't have much in the legs.


  1. Nice pics as always - be careful with the birds, though. Magpies caused my worst bike crash ever and earned me an ambulance joy ride! Plus, I have read that some of the birds have keen facial recognition abilities. They might be watching for you!! ;-)

  2. HappyTrails - Thanks. Ouch on the bike. I do think birds can recognize me; on a different path many years ago I was bombed by the same bird -- I think -- for 3 years in a row, but only for about 2 weeks in the spring. It didn't seem to bother others on the path as much.