Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Apex Run

Wednesday was an odd day of the month, so I tried Apex Park on the way home for a run (on odd days bikes are limited to one-way travel up the canyon, which means fewer bikers downhill, and a more relaxing run).

You know it's been dry recently when I consider it blog-worthy to post a photo of distant rain clouds. But I liked the contrast of blue, orange/brown and green:

I think the spring/summer cycle of afternoon showers has begun, and maybe the El Nino dry spell has started to break. There's powder forecast for the mountains this weekend.

These trails are somewhat hilly, which means I'm irresistibly attracted to them. Here's an example:

The elk were out grazing this evening:

My home hill, Green Mountain in Lakewood, in the back:

Sweet-smelling blossoms along the trails. These are everywhere.

Distance was 7.60 miles, time 1:50 (moving 1:30), elevation gain/loss 1,530 feet, avg. pace 14:29 (moving 11:58), and best pace 7:32.

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