Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday North Table Run

This park is working out well for daily runs so I keep going to the well, and will probably continue doing so; it's nearby, it has interesting trails with a bit of vertical as well as flats. That allows me to get in a decent run before dark, and if it does get dark, it's less creepy than the wooded mountain parks.

Distance was 11.29 miles, time 2:15, elevation gain/loss 1,341 feet, avg. pace 12:02, and best pace 7:26.

The lack of forest cover does not seem to prevent the nightly dinner buffet consisting of mule deer:

There are more blooms out every time due to the recent warmth and snow. These shrubs are everywhere (I forget the name) and they have an amazing fragrance that floats over the trails as you run by:

Green is starting to creep into the browns and grays along the trails:

Those guys were discussing the merits of 29ers for racing as they coasted by.

I felt sluggish and stiff for almost the entire run. Must be a delayed reaction from the weekend.

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