Tuesday, April 10, 2012

White Ranch Monday

I'm already running again, after wondering if I'd broken my toe on Friday.

I wasn't planning to do anything but walk or hike on Monday, but we got off work early after completing a significant milestone. And although the stubbed toe is sore, it wasn't fractured and it feels fine as long as it's in a protective and roomy shoe (Altra Lone Peak).

Distance was 8.48 miles, time 2:13 (moving 1:45), elevation gain/loss 1,571 feet.

In the back left below are the Ralston Buttes, and somewhere in that valley is Ralston Creek, which eventually forms the wide basin containing the bike path I run on occasionally.

There are tiny horses on the green flats in the middle.

This park has more Pasque Flowers than any other place I run. For such a solitary bloom, this is a huge crowd:

I tried to take some photos of myself that looked a little less posed than basic mugging for the camera.

Since I didn't think I'd be running I didn't have a bottle, so that's water from the store, and in the other hand... bear spray.

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  1. I was waiting for you to say you had bear for dinner ;-) Glad you were able to run on the gimpy toe!


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