Monday, October 15, 2012

Chatfield Lope

Sunday was a lazy-ass run/walk at Chatfield Reservoir. I was not feeling that motivated to thrash myself and honestly, the weather and surroundings were so pretty I just wanted to take frequent walk breaks to soak it all in. I was in awe.

I saw this beast of a spider right next to where I parked as I'm getting ready to put my trail shoes on. Heh. It appears to be one of these. Definitely the largest specimen I've seen outside of a glass case.

Colorado may not have native sugar maples, but cottonwoods will do in a pinch.

Poison ivy showing its fall colors; at least now I can spot it easily:

Distance was 13.74 miles, time 3:32 (moving 2:33), elevation gain/loss 282 feet, avg. pace 15:28 (moving 11:09), and best pace 7:00.


  1. DAYUM. That is a BIG SPIDER.

  2. Really like your pics on this one (and Buffalo Creek as well). Great lighting and composition! Still shooting with the S95?

    I always enjoy your take on Chatfield (my home turf), much like your comment on my No. Table pic. Great to see it through another's eyes.

  3. Chris - The S95 is still my go-to camera (better sharpness and dynamic range), but sometimes I bring an HS 520, which has better zoom (optical 12x) and macro. There are shots from both cameras here. Most zooms and the spider are from 520.

  4. I was using a 110 HS on my runs earlier this year, but only got about 2 months out of it before the lens cover started sticking and refusing to open. Then when it did open it would sag.

    I wish I could get 16MP, RAW, manual control, F2.0, stabilization, and awesome durability into that small of form-factor...