Monday, October 22, 2012

Reynolds Park

I overdid it a little on Saturday with the 20-miler, aggravating some muscle/ligament issues I acquired on a mountain bike ride a month ago. I really need to take it easy for a week or two, so I started on Saturday with a 2.5-hour mountain hike.

I'm not trying to be stupid, really, this is step down. We'll see how it goes.

Reynolds Park is one of the few remaining Jefferson County parks I had not visited, and is another that I drove by at night on my accident detour last month. I figured, why not? That's where I headed on a sunny Sunday.

Its trails are largely wooded, pine forest trails in the mountains, with a few open sections. There was limited natural water, but then again the park is not that big; my tour that included almost every trail was nearly 6 miles and took about 2:45 at a leisurely pace with plenty of photo stops. One bottle was enough.

The Eagle's View trail opens up onto expansive views of the Pike National Forest, a distant and hazy Pikes Peak, and numerous other lumpy summits.

This is about 1/3 of the panorama:

The terrain is similar to other trails at about 7,000-8,000 feet: pretty pines and the occasional aspen. Since it's near the Pike Forest, the rock is mostly pink granite and so is the sand on the trail.

This is a twisted dead pine trunk, which had opened up in the middle so you could see through it, an odd corkscrew of wood:

Hike distance was 5.77 miles, time 2:43 (moving 1:44), elevation gain/loss 1,182 feet, avg. pace 28:23 (moving 18:02), and best pace 9:32.

If you feel the need to get your heart rate up on some pleasant mountain trails, while passing by on US 285, this is a good option. If you are spooked by being alone, bring someone else, because I only saw three groups the whole time. It's kind of out there and secluded for a JeffCo park. It's also hiker-only.


  1. So much to little time.

  2. Great stuff, any idea on the name of that top lumpy peak? Looks attractive.
    I just bought a new mt. bike to replace my decade-old broken one -- let's go riding sometime! As for locations to the south of me, I've been interested in checking out the Indian Creek area.
    (But not this weekend -- BBMM in Boulder on Saturday, and RWB (fun-draiser) in Fort on Sunday if you're interested.
    Yes I ignored the first 2 sentences of your post, but do hope that taking it easy causes healing.

    Great pics as always!

  3. Mike - Thanks, I'd enjoy a ride, I just need to heal first for a bit.

    Over a month ago I torqued some ligaments (front of hip) trying to keep balanced on one of those fun banked turns at Indian/Buffalo Creek, and now a month later I'm still feeling it. I thought it might heal while remaining active, but not so.

    Note to self: work on your core strength... because it sucks.

    The summit in the close-up is Long Scraggy Peak. In the next photo down, on the left is Cathedral Spires and the little tooth sticking up is Banner Peak.