Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Rox

I've only been to Roxborough State Park twice, both times near the end of the day, and both not to my full potential. This time, I'm letting some kind of groin muscle/ligament strain heal (a series of running/biking injuries), and I've only been walking lately. Even this hike was a bit much, and I was sore by the end.

This park is like Red Rocks with better trails and an entrance fee. Lots of great rock formations. It also connects with the Indian Creek/Colorado Trail/Buffalo Creek system via a long series of connectors through somewhat remote public forest.

But on this day, I stuck to the civilian trails.

Soon I was near the Deer Valley turnoff that Woody must have taken on his run the other day. That's a pretty long outing, only practical if you are moving along pretty well.

I got within maybe 3/4 mile of the top of Carpenter Peak, then had to turn back. The park closes at 6 PM this time of year, and they lock the gate.

So, I get back to my car around 20 minutes to "closing" time and the parking lot is full. Turns out there was a moonlight hike that evening, and I didn't need to rush back. Sigh. That's why I avoid parks with a closing time. It's just easier.


  1. It's been a long time since I've been to Roxborough, even though I'm over that way a couple times/month. It's very pretty there, love the rock formations. Waterton Canyon is great, too (and free), but can get pretty crowded.

    Great pictures; a gorgeous time of day to be there. Too bad about the moonlight hike, you could have stayed longer. Hope you heal quickly!

  2. Thanks Jill. It's a great time of day as long as you don't get locked in!