Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Sunday, And Winter Is Coming

It snowed on Saturday, starting with sleet while riding my bike to pick up my car from its oil change (fancy-schmancy oil = $$). The numbing ride was fun, but revealed weakness in my cold-weather bike attire.

Sunday it was back down to Chatfield just because I wanted to run level trails. Damn, simply running along the Platte River can be pretty. It felt great just to get outside.

Because I Can't Resist Ruining The Mood

I neglected political posts last week, partly because I feel like Abby, but also because it's over and the political groundhog saw its shadow, so we get another 4 years of socialism.

Had the other dude won (the one I reluctantly voted for), we'd have had 4 years of shiny-hair-sorta-pro-freedom-but-don't-know-what-freedom-or-capitalism-really-means-so-ban-gay-marriage-and-Mexicans-and-abortions.

I might have voted for Gary Johnson (libertarian) but I had a job to do.

Not good times to be an Objectivist or libertarian.

Distance was 5.30 miles, time 1:05 (moving 54:27), elevation gain/loss 77 feet, avg. pace 12:23 (moving 10:16), and best pace 7:07. The 7-minute max pace is questionable. I was running 9:30 pace when I bothered to look. Just out having a good time, trying to relax the legs as much as possible. A moving massage.

[Edit] Moved the talk about The National Parks: America's Best Idea to its own post.

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