Friday, June 15, 2012

Ralston To 93 Loop

(Posted Nov 6th) This was a half-marathon-ish run through Arvada along the Ralston Creek path. I like photos that look wilder than where they are from, and these are taken in the midst of the suburbs, with houses all around.

I got out towards the end of the Ralston Creek Path, and finally decided to just follow the path to its end and find my way back along streets if I had to. The west end of this trail is the series of zig-zag bike trails on a hill near 64th and Highway 93, which you can see from the highway.

I got back well after dark, running along streets for the light.

Distance was 13.85 miles, time 2:36 (moving 2:20), elevation gain/loss 611 feet, avg. pace 11:20 (moving 10:09), and best pace 5:08.

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