Monday, December 3, 2012

Elephant Butte

I finally made it up to Elephant Butte for a hike on Sunday, using the route map on the right side of this page.

I'm still recovering from a cold but kept the cough under control by pursing my lips to limit breathing, a tip I got from the doc. I've used the same technique when I've run out of water on long runs and felt constricted breathing coming on. It works. In spite of a pretty vigorous hike I had little coughing during or after.


  1. Definitely a hidden gem. Loved pic #9. No pics of Mt. Evans? Best views in the county, I think.

  2. Jim - This was only an hour before sunset and I think Evans was all shadows. I'll just have to get up there again.

  3. Pursed lips? Never heard of that.

    Your pix: hohum. (code word for me for again spectacular but you do this so often it is now expected)

  4. Your guys' posts: yawn (code word for I'm impressed you get up and run before dawn so much). Heh.

    Yeah, on rare occasions I've run out of water on long runs/hikes, and my throat dried out (and can start getting a closed-up feeling -- not fun), so at the time, I was just trying to retain moisture. Turns out the same thing -- having a low volume of air coming in -- works to suppress the cough reflex. Helps at night too. Who knew.

  5. I liked the pics two -- especially the tasty lens flare.

    It's why they call it golden hour....

  6. John - And no PhotoShop effects required. Trying to capture that great feeling of warm light enveloping everything.