Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunday At Loveland, More Or Less Winter

After a weekend storm it's finally looking like winter in the mountains. Never even got up to 1 degree that day, good thing it was sunny with no wind. Had to go inside every so often to thaw my toes, even with boot heaters. Damned cold.

Yet it was nice to feel the speed and fluidity that is being on snow. I was happy to find that I could simply pick up like I'd never stopped skiing.

Max speed 37 mph; not exactly World Cup, but enough to feel like you are moving, when it's just you and some sticks arcing down the white stuff.

Some muscles are sore on Wednesday. I guess I don't use them all summer.

First run of the season:


  1. Nice, Luv is great on weekdays! I don't know about alpine, but I tele, and it certainly helps with summer peak running - plus it is just great to spend time in the mountains in the winter.

  2. I am so happy you posted this run ... living in FL makes it almost impossible to think about skiing again, but you have given me an ambition, for next year. I totally LOVED this!