Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jane Sunday

Sunday the 6th at Mary Jane. Snow conditions were... not great... especially considering I'd skied Wolf Creek on Wednesday in soft powder.

Snow was firm (softened, re-frozen), and scraped into slick, treacherous white linoleum in high-traffic areas. Even the reliable shaded trees off Panoramic lift were filled with white Styrofoam, which threatened to snag my skis and send me right into a tree trunk a couple of times.

If you run/hike from Devils Thumb to King Lake, you pass along the high ridge right in the middle of this photo. A great loop:

I considered leaving and going for a beer at The Library, but I sucked it up and decided to get to work. My field of battle:

Lunch break. Chili rojo and brownie. Snow sliding off the roof in the warming afternoon, threatening to smack me on the head as I ate.

So I lapped the Pony Express chair all afternoon and practiced my lame technique on the bumps of Rainbow Cut. The boulders on the chair lift are impressive though.

I did OK. I still cannot comprehend how some of the bumps on this mountain were formed or skied. I even watch crazy-good bump skiers and it still baffles me.

Storm coming this weekend. Thank goodness, we need it.

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