Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday Arctic MJ

It was damned cold Saturday, somewhere below zero to begin with: -8 to -15 at the Pass depending on my source, -3 according to the Mary Jane info center. Anyway, cold, and and the high was about 12. Sunrise light along Berthoud Pass:

I spent the first couple of hours just trying to keep warm, skiing a couple of runs then stepping inside for a moment. It was so cold my skis would barely move on the snow.

Even with boot heaters my toes were getting numb, so I kept the buckles loose. Half the time I ski with my boots in walk mode or forget to close the buckles anyway.

I ended up lapping the Challenger lift this time, starting with Trestle and working my way towards Winter Park one black trail at a time. There were some I'd never skied: Long Haul, Short Haul, Cannonball.

Some of the views were vertigo-inducing. This might be Cannonball below the steepest section with the boulders:

Snow was fantastic once you got into the difficult parts, because not as many people had been through it.

I skied past the cliff band I'd seen on Google Earth but never seen in person:

On the steeper parts I would pick a bump I want to stop on, drop downhill to it and balance on top, repeat. This has given me the confidence to control my skis, and some degree of accuracy and finesse in aiming at a target and hitting it.

On the easier parts, I would start linking bumps together.

Distance was 28.71 miles, time 6:43 (moving 4:17), elevation gain/loss 15,371 feet, avg. speed 4.3 mph, and max speed 27.0 mph.

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