Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Other Green

Not the Green Mountain near me, but the Green to the north. I had not been to Boulder for many months. I like running out my front door, up my local hills, and back to a hot shower and a recovery. But it's good to see some other hills for a change.

My photos seem to diminish during the harder part of the ascent when I was tired. I have not been running as much since fall, and I am not used to running terrain this steep any more, so I hiked a lot of the ascent, forcing myself to break into a run here and there.

I ran down the back side, down Gregory Canyon. At least on the downhill I was hitting all the marks, jogging easily and surely down the steep rocks in Gregory Canyon like a mountain goat. That's something at least.

The tree in the meadow, along Baseline, where the trail takes a turn. If you park on side streets and run the meadow, you may know this tree:

Distance was 6.31 miles, time 1:54 (moving 1:26), elevation gain/loss 2,554 feet, avg. pace 18:10 (moving 13:39), and best pace 6:39.


  1. Was out there too, went up/down Gregory/Greenman (middle route) from the Gregory lot. Started at 10:25am, summit at 11:07, finished a little after 11:30 and saw a few guys that looked vaguely familiar but was not paying close attention, wondering if we unwittingly passed one another?

  2. Jeff - I started at around 2:30. I also saw quite a few runners, nobody I knew. I think the "secret" is out.

  3. Nice hills!! A change of scenery is good for the soul sometimes, I think. I'll have to head up there sometime as I embark on getting stronger...I don't know that tree!

  4. Jill - Running Green will definitely build strength -- after the initial shock wears off.