Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekday Photo Blowout

I took the zoom shot below of the Arapaho Peaks area at lunch last week, and I finally recognize the terrain up there from a distance, since I've run/hiked it.

The big gray lump in the middle is the ridge that the Arapaho Glacier Trail traverses, and the dark tooth on the left is South Arapaho, which I summited last summer. North Arapaho is -- I think -- barely visible. The hollow basin on the right half of the high area is part of the Boulder Creek watershed, and is off-limits:

Fancy ducks on Clear Creek in Wheat Ridge, during another noon walk:

I slowly walked behind a tree to get a closer photo, but when I peered around one side, they'd swim the other direction. I tried both right and left, then right again and finally I gave up. Those ducks like their privacy.

City lights on a night street run (my one weekday run):

Manhole cover by headlamp:

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