Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saturday Apex Run

I was going to hike Apex on Saturday to take it easy (nursing an exasperating throat infection that seems to want to stay the entire winter), but it was nice out and I had warm clothes, so I ran some. A relaxing run at an easy pace.

I talked to a doc on Monday, and he said he didn't see anything bad, but that I was really dry, so I'm hoping simply upping my hydration gets rid of the remaining bug. As someone who they thinks they know their body, that was kind of embarrassing. But he laid out all the contributing factors: coffee, beer, running, winter/indoor heat and Colorado's arid climate. Check. I don't know if that's it, but I feel better already.

Certain parts of these trails are misleadingly warm and sunny, during which I felt overdressed, but the wind was whipping on the northeast aspects and I was glad I had a windbreaker. It gets chillier up in the canyon and the shade. I'm really liking my Pearl Izumi skull cap; it's not too heavy and covers the ears. I can wear it under a brimmed hat for running, and under a helmet on the bike.

The home hill, barely breaking above the horizon:

I can't believe there's more snow here than on Green Mountain in Boulder, but the north side is pretty shaded and it was constant there. I saw bike tracks, but I would not have wanted to be that rider.

I stopped by Kountze Lake in the suburbs, which has nice sunset views and water birds. There was a photographer set up on shore waiting to take shots. Looking west, with the light blue flanks of Green Mountain in the back:

Distance was 8.17 miles, time 2:16 (moving 1:45), elevation gain/loss 1,738 feet, avg. pace 16:38 (moving 12:55), and best pace 7:23.


  1. Sounds like we have been dealing with a similar issue, as I too have had a throat thing lingering for months now. Was a bad cold for a week or so just after Thanksgiving, then the cold subsided, but morphed into lingering pflegm in the back of my throat, primarily early in the morning when I wake up, but sometimes just bugs me at other times of the day too. Frustrating for sure, such a low level issue, but the way it has lingered is concerning.

  2. Jeff - Absolutely it is disconcerting, especially when you're healthy in general and used to quick recoveries. It feels like an eternity.

    But the dehydration diagnosis makes perfect sense logically, since the body really can't do its job when it's dry, especially the head and neck.

    So, I've been drinking a ton (if my mouth is dry, I drink), and already I feel better and symptoms have lessened -- in one day. If it's that simple I will be very happy. If a bit disappointed about some of the things I skipped while feeling "off" :\

  3. Ick! Feel better! Honey, Lemon, & Tea? I love that for sore throats.
    I've been doing runs at White Ranch lately. Pretty muddy but fun and there's a bunch of snow at the top too.

  4. WildChildT - Thanks, and I agree about the tea. The sore throat/laryngitis cleared up before Christmas (aside from a couple of minor flare-ups), it's more like the virus is on idle, hanging out in my head waiting to strike worse if I get tired. I already had other issues at the time I got hit with the cold, so a double-whammy on the immune system. Hopefully pushing fluids will make everything happy again and finally allow healing.