Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturday Stormy Green Lakewood

When I started this run, it was sunny and cool. Then a storm blew in, punishing anyone left on top of the mountain, or anyone caught wearing shorts and a T-shirt because of the prior sun (even though it was only 35 degrees). The wind on top was between 10-20 mph, at its worst the cold cut right through my shell to my skin, and snow fell by the end of my run. That's when I appreciate having the hood, it makes it bearable.

I revved it up on top, to do a quick lap on part of Summit Trail and then get down off the ridges into the more protected ravines, meandering around some trails to bump up the miles, a combination of hiking and running. I hiked up through a ravine near the radio (?) tower that had served as a coyote den a couple of years ago. No dogs this time.

On the way down, I turned the flash on so the flakes are visible:

Distance was 8.60 miles, time 2:23 (moving 1:55), elevation gain/loss 1,717 feet, avg. pace 16:40 (moving 13:28), and best pace 5:48.

[Update] Almost forgot -- I also stopped by the new Cannonball Creek Brewing in Golden with a friend of mine, and it rocked. It's a couple of former Mountain Sun employees, so how can it be bad? Mindbender IPA - great. Almond Chocolate Stout - great. Of course even in my own back yard, I didn't beat JT there.

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