Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Mesa Trail Run

I wasn't sure how this outing was going to go, because last week I developed soreness on the outside of my right foot. It's an obvious overuse injury, due to the increasing number of days I've been running lately. I tend to land on the outer midfoot, and the impact is worse if I run "fast" and don't pay attention.

So, I didn't run the last part of the week to let it heal up and it felt good by Sunday. Still, I had no idea if I'd be running or hiking, or have to turn back one mile into Sunday's outing.

Jogging trails, Front Range style:

Thankfully things went pretty well, and it wasn't until around mile 10 on the Mesa Trail that I felt anything. And I felt somewhat strong the entire time, running Ass-Kicker Hill (the road next to Bear Canyon) and other ascents instead of walking, in spite of the tough ski day on Saturday. That was satisfying.

Just after I finished the road, I heard someone catching up behind me -- which is typical -- but this time it was John Prater, aka Homie. We chatted for a minute before he veered off on North Shanahan.

The trail was pretty sloppy, with a good amount of mud and slush on some sections. My shoes are still covered in red dirt. There were some snowpacked sections, but none of them were very tough to run, except maybe the stairs south of South Shanahan. These are the stairs before Chautauqua:

This was as close to a normal weekend as I've had since October, no holds barred fun. What a great weekend. FINALLY!

I framed my run so as to finish before the après-ski/dinner rush at Southern Sun, and made it in for my first Stout Month in two years, and found a seat at the bar. I was ticked off about missing it last year, so it was imperative. The Oatimus Prime and Almond Chocolate Stouts were great, and the Shepherd's Pie was delicious. I walked it off on the Mall as usual.

The foot hurts again, but not as bad as last week, so I think with pampering it will not develop into anything more significant.

Distance was 11.93 miles, time 2:36 (moving 2:17), elevation gain/loss 2,531 feet, avg. pace 13:08 (moving 11:30), and best pace 5:12 (downhill of course).


  1. 12 miles? Hmmm ... I come out closer to 13 on the out and back on the Mesa.

    Glad to hear you are cranking well back at it.

  2. GZ - Thanks, good to be back having fun. I didn't want to run all the way down to the south parking lots, so I ran Mesa from Chautauqua and did a little loop up to the base of Shadow Canyon (the end of the road), and turned right back to Mesa along the rocks.