Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunday MJ

I didn't really ski anything all that ambitious on Sunday, just swerving through trees looking for the best fluff after 6" of snow had fallen.

After a couple of runs I already needed to thaw out at the lodge. I downed a couple of glasses of water and relaxed on the deck after sweeping the snow off a chair.

I increased the effort level a little in the bumps under the Panoramic chair, but not even the steepest part, down below where it flattens out. Then there were the trees to the left of Forever Eva, which was probably the most satisfying skiing of the day, since the turns were tight, moderately steep and I didn't eat bark. I was proud.

Distance was 33.00 miles, time 5:10 (moving 3:26), elevation gain/loss 16,073 feet, avg. speed 6.4 mph, and max speed 31.7 mph, in 10 runs downhill.

I got into ugly traffic on the way back, shame on me. I left a little too late at 2:15, and glacially slow traffic over Berthoud Pass dropped me -- too late -- into 35 mph speeds on I-70. I vow to never get stuck like that, and I did it. I probably should have just stuck around Winter Park at The Library and driven back at 7 PM, but I worry about getting stuck in the mountains before a work day. I have been blocked by an avalanche before, and many people drive like drunk-texting-NASCAR-wannabe morons and cause accidents, blocking the highway for hours. It happens.

But it's hard to be disciplined when the skiing is good.

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