Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Work Week

I've temporarily given up on keeping up my average per run, so that I can simply get out and run without a hour-and-a-half (at least) commitment. I've realized that regular running sessions are necessary to my health, mental and otherwise, and I need to do it often regardless of whether it meets some arbitrary standard -- although I do like running for a couple of hours if I have the choice. Even a short run is a loosen-up outing to relax, and to keep the shoulders loose (computer work can mess that up).

I also did a very rare (for me, second time only) workday lunchtime run last week. It was windy, and I didn't really relish running in the evening with a whipping wind, without the warmth of sunshine. I also get tired of the dark, and I've trying to sleep in mornings.

There was an evening Ralston Creek run:

Green Mountain area in Lakewood at night. I didn't actually run in the park, but took a picture towards the mountain:

4 runs, 15 miles. It's something.


  1. Is the copyright on the pix a new thing? I don't recall seeing it before but it might have just caught my eye.

    Mile averages will climb come the summer for sure.

  2. GZ - I started the copyright thing mid-year or so. It's partly transparent, so it gets lost on photos with detail, but shows up more on the night shots I've been doing lately.