Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Green Lakewood - Snowy

Being a cold week, the snow has only blown around, and thawed and re-frozen. My run on Thursday morning was part run, part postholing snow hike.

I saw two other sets of fresh tracks on this run, a pair of Salomon or Vivobarefoot running shoes on the Jeep road along the ridge, and this pair of canine tracks on my usual route up the mountain. They were sort of small, so I figure it may be one of the coyote pups I saw earlier this year, or a fox, but I've never seen a fox on this mountain, whereas I see coyotes on about every other run, if it's early or at dusk.

This magpie was chatting it up by itself, making all sorts of crazy vocalizations in the tree as I ran by. I swear it was trying to form words.

Are we there yet?

The travel uphill was as tough as I've done this winter, owing to snow that was about mid-calf in height and covered by wind-blown crust. I ran/hiked most of this trek totally off-balance due to the uncertain footing. Simultaneously frustrating and interesting.

After a while I felt like I was back hiking Highland Bowl.

Mount Evans from the top:

The ridge I ran back down to get home:

Distance was 3.63 miles, time 1:13 (moving 59:20), elevation gain/loss 984 feet, avg. pace 20:07 (moving 16:21), and best pace 7:28.

Another run that was harder than mileage indicates.

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